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Seriously Again 🤦‍♀️

  Are we even surprised that the "Justice System" has indicted President Donald Trump again? No, we aren't. They are not interested in true justice. They just want to try their hardest that this upcoming election, Trump can't win. Little do they realize that they are playing their hand in such a way that exposes them for the injustice. I mean all that is coming out about the Biden Crime family and they don't bat an eyelash. Or the truth that has come out about Obama and Clinton with the Russia hoax. I mean what measures have been taken to see justice served on a false allegation. Where the fbi knew that the info they were feed was wrong but went along anyways. SMH Definitely an upside down world we are living in.
  Speaking of upside down, the alphabet community is losing their ever loving minds that We the People aren't interested in supporting their delusion. Truly if you want to identify as a rabbit. Please do it in the privacy of your own home. Just don't expect me or my children to participate in your crazy. I just laugh at the fact that we can make a statement without violence and we make waves. Look at Bud light and Target. They have lost so much money trying to shove down our throats the debauchery of the alphabet community. Yet, the abc people make threats of violence trying to intimidate to get what they want but We the People are the bad guys.  
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