We Got To Talk About This

We Got To Talk About This

Oh boy, the further we get into this month. The more the alphabet community exposes themselves. Just recently, I watched a video of a biological male pretending to be a "woman" claiming that trans-women are women. That biological females need to accept them because  they are here to stay and deserve the same rights and recognition as biological females. Ummmmm WHAT!

As a biological female (which i hate saying that), I call bullshit! Yep, I said that. No biological male can alter themselves enough to be able to claim womanhood. No matter how much they cut off or add on to their bodies. I refuse to recognize them as anything other than biological males playing pretend. They will never go through ANY of the things that I had to go through as a female. 

I am surprised that the feminist aren't in an uproar. Since their whole "doctrine" is woman are minorities, have less rights than men, blah blah blah. As biological males are coming and trying to devalue what being a woman is. Yet, for the most part they seem pretty silent. 

Well, I am here to say that if you weren't born with a vagina, ovaries, and uterus. You are not a woman. If you can't get pregnant and carry the baby to term without it breaking your pelvis. You are not a woman. 


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