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What a Clown Show

So there is a lot of controversy about the new movie called the Sound of Freedom. Logically you would think that okay a movie that is putting a spot light on child trafficking is something that is going to shake people. Well, we have the left using it as a platform to smear the conservatives with their "conspiracy theory". (Hello has anyone watched the movie Taken...need I say more?") Or a Q-anon thing. Then we have people in the Christian sphere who are boycotting it because well this dude is mormon and he believes that Jesus is a freemason. 

So, here I go giving my 2 cents. I find it sad that instead of coming together under the umbrella that our children are under attack and we need to be more aware. The politicians and msm want to cause even more division. Smdh Let's put our political views aside and come together that our children are not for sale. We need to start making these people who are committing these heinous crimes reap the consequence here and now. We shouldn't wait til after someone comes out of that awful world and help them recover...like WHAT?! No child and/or person should have to go through something awful. Its something that need to be stopped at the core so that no new victims will be established. No more lives be ruined. 

Secondly, so what if the actor is Catholic and the person the movie was based off of is mormon and believes Jesus is a freemason. We need to focus on the bigger picture. GOD'S CHILDREN ARE NOT FOR SALE!

We need to get involved!

So be aware who your children are speaking to online. You never know who the person on the other side really is and what their true motives are. Be involved in your children lives. Get to know them and their friends. Also, find some way to get involved whether its financially or even teaming up with an organization and physically helping. 

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